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Our Story

White Pine Organics was founded in January of 2020 by Kyle Rognlie and his wife Tarna Estrada in Boise Idaho. Kyle and Tarna began using CBD themselves every day in  2018 and immediatly recognized the potential uses and benefits of CBD. They wanted a product that offered  safety and consistency no matter what form they were using it in. Thus, White Pine Organics was born. The goal of  White Pine Organics is to  provide and make available to everyone both local and afar a consistent, safe, and diverse line of natural THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD line of products. White Pine's products can be tailored to fit anyone’s wellness routine.  Tarna and Kyle not only believe in the importance of the product, but believe further education will open the doors to many more people who can benefit greatly by incorporating CBD into their routines.

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